Reframing Textiles 2020-2021 - Design Academy Eindhoven

12 February 2021 T/M 4 July 2021

The TextielMuseum is a strong advocate of talent development. This is why we offer our continued support by working together with students of Design Academy Eindhoven. Every year, they spend time in the Lab as part of their minor course, Reframing Textiles.

The results of the 2020-2021 edition are presented here, on the Panorama Deck of the TextielMuseum.

Photo: Willeke Machiels

Research, experimentation and design are central to the time spent working in the TextielLab. The students are offered a wide array of traditional and new techniques and materials. They use the industrial machinery and work together with the TextielLab’s experienced product developers to create prototypes, just as professional users of the TextielLab do. They also get feedback on their design from the inhouse thread specialist, the curator and the museum librarian. In this way, they gain an insight into the professional world of makers connected to the Lab, while also making use of all of the other expertise within the TextielMuseum. During this year’s semester, the third year students take the theme ‘Open Air’ as their starting point.

Photo: Willeke Machiels

This Design Academy minor is a made-to-measure working experience with ample options and opportunities for personal choices. In this way, we offer these top new talents professional opportunities that can help them prepare for their future career.

‘They dare to ask me questions that textiledesigners do not, that is what makes it so very interesting for me’

– Stef Miero, master weaver TextielLab

Design and developing process of the students in the TextielLab 2018-2019; video: VET Film



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