Do you have a specific question about our collection? Or do you want to donate a object to the TextielMuseum? Please read the frequently asked questions about our collection below.

Can I buy a ticket at the desk of the TextielMuseum upon arrival?

Since 2023 all visitors are required to book an e-ticket via our website prior to their visit. Are you unable to book e-tickets prior to your visit? Then visit us without e-ticket(s). We will be happy to help you at the service desk.

I have a Museum card, do I have to buy a ticket?

Yes, it is necessary for all visitors to book an e-ticket via our website in advance. In the ticket shop, you will find the option to book an entrance ticket for Museum card holders. This ticket is free. Take your Museum card with you to the museum at all times. Both the entrance ticket and the Museum card are scanned at the counter of the museum.


How can I get information about an object in the museum collection?

The TextielMuseum collection can be consulted online. The information about the collection is regularly updated.

For more information, consult the Library. The Library catalog is also available for reference online.

How do I know if a certain object is on display in the museum?

Part of the collection displayed in the museum. Want to be sure that a certain object or artwork is on show in a particular exhibition? Contact us prior to your visit.


T: 013-5367475

M: [email protected]

How can I order image material?

If you want to order images of the collection, send an e-mail to [email protected]

You will be contacted for details of use and the fee before receiving the images. Requests should include:

  • a description or title of the object/artwork/photo
  • the artist/designer/photographer
  • a description of the use, ie. is it for publication or private purposes?
  • whether you want a print or a digital image
  • address, telephone, and e-mail.

The TextielMuseum and/or Pictoright have the rights to all images.

Can I photograph objects in the museum?

Photography without flash and tripod is allowed in the TextielMuseum, unless otherwise specified. Different rules apply in the TextielLab. To respect the copyright of the designers and artists, visitors are not allowed to take detailed photographs of individual works.

Photography with (semi-)professional equipment, flash and tripod is not allowed without special permission by the Marketing & Communication Department [email protected].

How can I find out about an object that I own myself?

Want to find out more about an object or artwork that you own privately? Send an e-mail to [email protected].

Your e-mail should include:

  • a description of the object, the materials and size
  • a clear photo / photos of the object
  • details of the object’s origins
  • address, telephone and e-mail.

The TextielMuseum does not issue value appraisals of private objects. For value appraisals, contact an auction house, art dealer or independent appraiser.

How can I donate an object or artwork to the museum?

The TextielMuseum is always interested in objects that could contribute to the museum collection. Should you wish to donate an object, send an e-mail to [email protected] including:

  • a description of the object, materials and size
  • a clear photo / photos of the object
  • details of the object’s origins
  • address, telephone and e-mail.

The TextielMuseum will get in touch with you soon afterwards!