Guests at the panoramadeck

27 November 2021 T/M 16 January 2022

On the Panoramadeck, on the third floor of the museum, you have a beautiful view over the site, including the chimney of the former factory. Here the TextielMuseum shows presentations from partners. Previous guests included the Design Academy Eindhoven, Kunstkameraden, and many others.

The Cultuurkantine presents ‘Kunstkameraden@TextielMuseum’

The Cultuurkantine uses art and artists to empower young people. Kunstkameraden is an initiative of the De Cultuurkantine Foundation. In which children and young people up to 24 years old, from different (cultural) backgrounds, work together with professional artists. Both in groups and individually, we worked hard on this special art project, in which art is the tool to tell a story and look at the world differently.


Being curious, opening yourself up, hearing and seeing each other’s stories, discovering artistic talents, viewing and making art together. That is what the young people in the Kunstkameraden@TextielMuseum project do!

The Cultuurkantine atelier

In the cosy studio of the Cultuurkantine, four studio artists work weekly with a group of Art Comrades. They guide the young people in the disciplines: textiles, photography, woodworking, mixed media, drawing and painting. The studio is a basis for meeting, connecting and experiencing.

Art fellowships

In an individual trajectory, a young person works together with a ‘maker’ from Tilburg. Much attention is paid to the process and a good time together in the artist’s studio: beautiful ‘art fellowships’ are created. What inspires the young people? What are they proud of? What do they find beautiful, fascinating or complicated in the world? At Kunstkameraden, the young people have their say. They give creative meaning to an environment that is constantly changing. The artists guide them through that process.

The young people here are proud to show you the final results: works of art that were specially made for the Kunstkameraden@TextielMuseum exhibition. They were inspired by the exhibitions ‘Secrets of making‘ and ‘Long Live Fashion!’ in the TextielMuseum.


More information:

Instagram: @kunstkameraden 

Facebook: @kunstkameraden

Photography: Margo Remie


Photo: Kunstkameraden


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