KunstkameradenYOU! – newcomers discover their artistic talents with artists

20 November 2020 T/M 3 January 2021

Creativity, togetherness, and discovering artistic talents. That is what the KunstkameradenYOU! @ TextielMuseum project for young newcomers is all about. The exhibition shows works with the theme ‘butterfly’ as an inspiration, which are specially made for KunstKameradenYOU! @TextielMuseum.

The young newcomers make new pieces of art in which they share their personal views of the world. They are supported by artists from Tilburg and its surroundings: Ad Roefs and Anja van Eersel and worked together with guest artists. What inspires these youngsters? What are they proud of? What do they like; what do they find fascinating or complicated in this world? At KunstkameradenYOU! the young people speak up. Through creative expression, they give meaning to the ever-changing world that surrounds them. In this exhibition, the work that is made by these youngsters is shown. Kunstkameraden made a cushion out of bobbin lace, resembling the shape of a cocoon, from this shape red threads will lead you to the individual artworks.

KunstKameraden was established by De Cultuurkantine. In the past years, it has matched almost 400 young creatives with local artists. The TextielMuseum, with its vibrant TextielLab and a calendar of exceptional exhibitions, is an inspiring place for Kunstkameraden.

Photo: Remie Fotografie



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