De Nieuwe Zonderlingen

31 August 2021 T/M 3 October 2021

De Nieuwe Zonderlingen is a self-initiated event — 13 young artists from the Netherlands and Belgium will present work in this exhibition from various disciplines, the most predominant of which is fashion, but also expect to see paintings, sculpture, films, photography, typography and other media.

A new path is being paved in a city that has been named after its Textile heritage for hundreds of years. The group of young artists and designers of De Nieuwe Zonderlingen solidify and give new meaning to the existing image of Tilburg as a textile city. Doing this, they might just be doing what is typical for Tilburg based artists; they root in the industrial soil that may seem infertile, only for them to grow in unpredictable directions.

How much time, space and senses can clothing take in? How lively and versatile can a fashion show be? Where exactly is the border between sculpting and clothing? Or between reality and fantasy? It’s these questions you’ll be confronted with during this exhibition. De Nieuwe Zonderlingen combines multiple facets that you wouldn’t expect to work together. Not only in their thought process, but also in the works shown in this exhibition.

August 26, 2021 was the first time this collection had been shown at NS16 and The Hall of Fame. These locations are, just like the artists, limber and accessible but always raw in its core. During the event many different art disciplines were brought together to create an all-encompassing ambiance. Works being shown included visual/installation art, soundscapes, scents, food and of course a lot of fashion. A few pieces of the event’s De Nieuwe Zonderlingen collection are on show in the TextielMuseum until 3 October 2021.


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