Animals on damask – the stylized animal motif in artistic table linen

30 January 2021 T/M 16 January 2022

Animals were a loved motif for designers of damask table linen in the Art Nouveau period. They applied them according to modern design methods: stylized in eye-pleasing patterns.

In contemporary artistic table linen, designed for the TextielMuseum and woven in our own TextielLab, you can also see animal patterns. The most beautiful examples from the rich collection of the TextielMuseum are shown in the exhibition ‘Animals on Damask’. In the exhibition, the animals in the pattern of the damask are put on the table with pieces from the collection of the Natuurmuseum Brabant.

Picture: Josefina Eikenaar, table linen by Chris Lebeau ‘Haantjes’ with rooster from the Natuurmuseum Brabant



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