Thanks to the Friends

Thanks to the Friends of the Textielmuseum

The Friends of the TextielMuseum Foundation supports the museum with donations and talented young people by offering them a platform.


Donations to the TextielMuseum

The Friends of the TextielMuseum has made a financial contribution to the following projects.

  • From the proceeds of the visit to Brafa in 2017, a sum was donated for the purchase of flags for the King’s Birthday.
  • The purchase of a moquette collection – December 2016
  • Interactive models for the ‘Building with Textiles’ exhibition – September 2014
  • The conservation and presentation of the ‘De Ploeg’ collection
  • Restoration of the historical steam engine
  • The model of the TextielMuseum in Madurodam
  • The purchase of a computer-operated loom
  • The purchase of a Stoll flat-knitting machine

Platform for talented young people

The Friends of the TextielMuseum Foundation has set up a platform to give talented young textile designers the opportunity to show what they can do. In recent years, this has mainly involved presentations on Friends’ Day. The invited designers also received a sum of money.

The Friends of the TextielMuseum Foundation has already welcomed the following designers:


Francis Ames
Josef Trojan
Noortje de Brouwer
Tamara van Roij

Robin Pleun Maas
Yamuna Forzani
Wendy Andreu
Eef Lubbers

Maud Hoeijmakers
Vera de Pont
Adrianus Kundert
Sam Linders

Gerard Jasperse
Mandy Roos
Floor van Doremalen
Camiel Fortgens

Corinne van Grevenbroek
Rosemarijn Lagerweij
Michelle van den Poel
Kim Zoutewelle
Don Kwaning
Alexandra Genis

Martijn van Strien
Dienke Dekker – exposition ‘Talking Textiles’
Barbara Medo
Daniel Costa (Italië) – exposition ‘Talking Textiles’

Nyke van Bijnen
Roland Pieter Smit – exposition ‘Talking Textiles’
Ziv Ben Gal (Israël)
Marijke Annema

Michelle Baggerman
Borre Akkersdijk – exposition ‘Talking Textiles’
Anique Noordman
Niek Pulles