Textile now – each thread tells a story

10 June 2023 till 1 October 2023

From art fairs to museum exhibitions, it’s clear that textiles are more popular than ever. ‘Textile now – each thread tells a story celebrates’ the topicality of textiles in contemporary visual art. The TextielMuseum is helping to stimulate this development through its unique commissioning programme. In the TextielLab, the museum’s professional workshop, a wide range of commissioned works – from installations to tapestries – have been created for the museum collection, with remarkable results. The exhibition will feature a selection of these works, many previously unseen, by well-known artists including melanie bonajo (Dutch Pavilion, Venice Biennale 2022), Otobong Nkanga, patricia kaersenhout & rolando vázquez and Geo Wyeth as well as young talent such as Karo Akpokiere. Using textiles’ unique expressiveness, the artists draw attention to current topics such as identity and diversity, sexuality and gender, the environment and decolonisation, actively involving the public in these themes.