Secrets of making #3 – for the whole family

1 July 2023 till 26 May 2024

A hands-on exhibition exploring how artists and designers translate their ideas into marvellous textiles in our TextielLab.

Age: 8+

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Artist Sigrid Calon developing a soft plaid on the high-tech knitting machine in the TextielLab, photo: Josefina Eikenaar

There are countless ways to create textiles

Just ask the makers who come from all over the world to our TextielLab to translate their fabulous ideas into textiles. From artists and fashion or product designers to architects, they all realise their textile dreams in their own unique way. In ‘Secrets of making #3’, delve into the minds of these makers with the whole family and discover the many routes they take to arrive at their end result.

Fortunately, the makers don’t have to do this alone. Along the way, they work closely with the specialists in the TextielLab, the museum’s professional workshop. These specialists have a wealth of knowledge about textile development, such as choosing the right yarns or creating a fabric with specific properties like strength or flexibility.

Become a maker!

‘Secrets of makers #3’ challenges you to actively discover the world of textiles together with your family. Create your own yarn palette, get started with a drawing for a tapestry, test the effect of glow-in-the-dark textiles and make a construction from woven blocks!

Photo: glow-in-the-dark lamps designed by Sangmin Oh

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