Secrets of making #2 – Artists and designers in the TextielLab

21 May 2022 till 18 June 2023

‘Secrets of making’ is back with a second edition! You will get the chance to take a look behind the scenes once again. The exhibition delves deeper into the creative processes of 10 makers who worked in the TextielLab in 2021 and 2022. For more than 20 years, our professional workshop, the TextielLab, has been a place where makers can experiment and perform their work. Under the guidance of product developers and technical experts, textiles are developed using computer-aided and artisanal techniques – from weaving and knitting to tufting and embroidery.

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Studio Mercedes Azpilicueta, photo: Envisions

Makers, specialists and machines go to extremes

In ‘Secrets of making #2’ you will experience how the ideas of the makers are born and how these ideas are further developed in close collaboration with the experts of the TextielLab. Various makers are featured in this exhibition, from artists to fashion designers or product designers. They work on commission, for their personal artistic practice, for a special exhibition or research new technical possibilities for the industry. In Research & Development projects, makers challenge the TextielLab’s experts and machines to go to the extreme. Every creative process is an adventure; experimenting, searching for solutions and making decisions. ‘Secrets of making #2’ also shows the collaboration between the creator and the technical expert. What is the division of roles and what do they learn from each other?

Take a closer look at the makers’ studios

Studio Fransje Gimbrère, photo: Envisions
Indré Svirplyté at studio, photo: Envisions
Studio JAS&CAL, photo: Envisions
Studio Leonie Schneider, photo: Envisions
Studio Melonit, photo: Envisions
Studio Sofie Leenen, photo: Envisions
Studio Yamuna Forzani, photo: Envisions
Studio Joana Schneider, photo: Envisions

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