Workshop Sashiko

Focus on recycling, experimentation, embroidery and the use of materials

The traditional Sashiko technique shows that darning and repairing clothes is the new chic.
With this Japanese technique torn or worn fabrics are repaired using various types of embroidery stitching. The main goal of Sashiko is to repair fabrics affected by wear and tear, but the resulting patterns also create a new aesthetic.
During this workshop, students try out this technique themselves and can even bring their own worn clothes, bags and/or other pieces of fabric to work on. Craftsmanship, recycling and the use of materials are also themes of this workshop.

Practical information


The costs are listed per programme. The costs cover guided tour supervision/workshop instruction, preparation and materials. Admission fees are also charged per student. The admission fee is € 3,00 per student and €1,00 for material costs per student. Admission is free for accompanying adults.

Group size

The maximum group size for a guided tour or workshop is 15 children. Groups larger than 75 students require coordination by the museum staff, which costs € 60 per hour.


  • To book an excursion, fill in the booking request form. Museum excursions must be booked at least two weeks in advance.
  • When making a booking for several classes at the same time or an extensive programme, we advise making all the necessary arrangements earlier because of the limited amount of space.
  • All guided tours and workshops are given in Dutch. Workshops and guided tours in English can be organised on request.

Terms and conditions for school excursions

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