Makers on materials - Videos

Makers on materials

Have you visited the exhibition ‘Makers on materials’ or are you planning to visit the exhibition? Here you can watch all the videos featured in the exhibition.


Thierry Oussou - 'Equilibrium Wind' | Cotton


Christien Meindertsma - 'The Flax Project' | Flax

On the website, you can find an overview of all the parts of the flax plant and the different end products that have come out of it. There are also videos of the different growth and making processes:

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Asli Hatipoglu - 'Bombyx Mori' | Silk


Caroline Bach - 'Materialisation' | Rubber


Rosana Escobar - 'Unravelling The Coffee Bag' | Fique


Dasha Tsapenko en Marjo van Schaik - 'Tracing Gunya' | Wool

Elena Wise wrote an in-depth article for ModeMuze magazine about the creation of the gunyas - the woollen coats on display in the exhibition - and how they ended up in the TextielMuseum's collection.

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Danique Klijs en Lise Brunt - Collection and TextielLab: materials then and now