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Friends of the Textielmuseum Foundation

If you care about the museum, wish to assist us in our work, support the museum’s philosophy and meet other like-minded individuals, you should become a Friend of the TextielMuseum:

As Friend of the TextielMuseum, you will receive preferential treatment and other benefits, including free admission. Friends of the TextielMuseum act as our ambassadors. Your active involvement will help make your own friends and acquaintances enthusiastic about the museum, which will help us even more!

The aim of the Friends of the TextielMuseum Foundation

The Friends of the TextielMuseum Foundation, founded in 1982, aims to support the TextielMuseum with advice and action in the realization of its objectives and activities. The foundation is closely involved in all museum developments. In this way, the foundation supports the museum in its ambition to develop itself as the ultimate knowledge and expertise center in the field of textiles at a national and international level. The more than 500 friends of the foundation care deeply about the TextielMuseum, have an affinity with textiles or work (or have worked) in the textile industry themselves.

The support to the TextielMuseum has so far taken shape in a financial contribution to, among other things, the renovation of the steam engine, the purchase of weaving and knitting machines, collection purchases and providing a platform for young designers. Read more about the projects to which the Friends Foundation has contributed.

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Friends’ Activities

For those interested, the Foundation Board organizes various activities such as the Friends Day.

All Friends’ Activities

The Board of Trustees

The current board of the Friends of the TextielMuseum Foundation consists of the following people:

Charles Boissevain – Chairman
Anja Kennekens – Treasurer
Joep Janssen – Secretary
Mayke Brouwers – Secretariat
Sandra Oom – MarCom
Jan-Willem Bloemen – Projects

Become a Friend

Would you like to become a Friend of the TextielMuseum? You can! To offer you a suitable friendship, you can choose from three types of membership.

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The Friends of the TextielMuseum Foundation is registered with the Tax Authorities as a public benefit organization (ANBI). Read more about it here.