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The TextielMuseum is a dynamic and creative setting! It is a unique, cultural hotspot in the heart of the city of Tilburg, which has always been one of the main centres for the textile industry in the Netherlands.

Do you want to work in a cultural environment?


The TextielMuseum brings together everything related to textiles: inspiration, depth, heritage, creation, education, craftsmanship, technology, and entrepreneurship, making it the only museum of its kind in the world.

Within the museum, employees work in various roles. Whether you are looking for a position in registration and conservation, education, product development, demonstration, finance, HRM, facilities, secretarial, IT, or want to work in the public team, library, TextielCafé, or TextielShop, the museum offers numerous opportunities!

If you are also enthusiastic and want to work in a museum and entrepreneurial environment, we are regularly looking for new employees and interns.



Job Vacancies

For current job vacancies and more information about the TextielMuseum as an employer, visit our special 'Working At' website.




The TextielMuseum offers a unique opportunity for interns to follow an internship in the arts and cultural sector. This can include internships in marketing & communication, education, collection management, and more. Check the 'Working At' website for questions or to submit an application.




Volunteers are very important to us as there is always a lot to do. You can help, for example, at the information desk, in our beautiful museum shop, or assist in activities. We offer excellent facilities and guidance for volunteers and have a professional volunteer policy. If you want to work as a volunteer in a cultural environment, please request information through the 'Working At' website.