Everything related to textiles

The TextielMuseum is a dynamic and creative working museum located in a former textile factory in Tilburg. It is the only place in the world where textile design, art, fashion, industrial heritage and innovation come together.

The combination of inspiring exhibitions, educational programmes and the TextielLab, which is specialised in textile research and production, makes the museum unique in its kind.

In the TextielLab, the beating heart of the TextielMuseum, you can watch international and national artists and designers at work. Here they study the infinite possibilities of textiles together with our experts.

In 2017, the TextielMuseum won the BankGiro Lottery Museum Prize in the Fashion & Design category. And in 2019, our unique museum concept won the international Best in Heritage Award.



TextielLab: research and education

Located in a former weaving workshop, the TextielLab is a small, but ultramodern version of a textile factory that demonstrates all the weaving, knitting, lasering, tufting and embroidery techniques in use today. In this modern textile laboratory, we experiment with the latest technologies. The most advanced machines are in operation every day. Various designers, architects, artists and students carry out high-profile research and work on innovative textile projects. And we have set up numerous educational programmes for talent development. We also maintain and develop traditional craftsmanship and manufacturing skills so that all our knowledge and expertise can be handed down to the next generation.



Collection of masterpieces

The museum’s unique collection consists of textile design, fashion, visual arts and industrial heritage masterpieces. The collection and exhibitions are integrated and form part of the comprehensive package of activities that the museum organises in the framework of knowledge transfer. In this regard, the Museum Affairs and Education departments, and the TextielLab work closely together. 




Library: 20,000 books

The largest library specialised in textiles in the Netherlands is located in the heart of the TextielMuseum. The museum library is a place for everyone interested in textiles as a professional or hobbyist. The 20,000 books and numerous complete volumes of magazines encompassing themes such as the textile industry, production methods, visual art and design make the library collection unique. The library is a treasure trove of information on art history subjects and on the latest materials and techniques. It also contains archives with documentation about artists, designers and various textile companies.

The museum library assists textile students, designers and artists in their studies and professional development, and with the projects they carry out in the TextielLab. Secondary school students and other museum visitors can also come to the library to research in-depth anything and everything related to textiles.



Archives: cherished store of knowledge

The collection and the archives form an important source of information about our common cultural heritage. The museum cherishes its vast store of knowledge about hand crafts, materials, techniques, patterns and recipes that has been accumulated over hundreds of years. The way in which the museum portrays the transition to the modern industrial age was a deliberate choice. The museum not only organises inspiring exhibitions and events, but also provides facilities where prototypes, autonomous works of art and exclusive articles are designed and produced every day.



Our vision for the future

The TextielMuseum is the foremost knowledge and expertise centre for textiles in the Netherlands. We want the museum to become Tilburg’s cultural hotspot: a bustling, creative meeting place with international allure where an even larger number of visitors and users can enjoy exhibitions and take part in educational programmes, experiments and meetings of experts. To achieve this goal, we have set out an ambitious roadmap and we would greatly appreciate your help in its implementation.

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Socially involved

The TextielMuseum and the TextielLab are mindful of their role as a museum and incubation centre. For example, we work closely together with the De Diamant group: a former sheltered workshop and on-the-job training company that offers employment to people with a distance from the labour market. In this way, these people are given the opportunity to participate in society. They work in different departments in the museum and in the innovative TextielLab ranging from security to accounts.

Work for the mentally challenged

In the hand weaving department adjacent to the TextielMuseum, mentally challenged people work on all kinds of stylish, textile products. They make, for example, handwoven placemats, tea towels, dishcloths and bags. Using the ‘felting’ technique, they make numerous small artistic woollen items, such as beautiful flowers. In the TextielMuseum, they help in the laundry and clothing manufacturing department, where they produce garments to order on behalf of designers and the TextielMuseum. All the products are for sale in the hand weaving department. Opening times: Tuesday to Friday 13.00 – 15.00.