The TextielMuseum, the Regional Archive Tilburg and Tilburg City Museum form together the Mommerskwartier Foundation.

These three institutions keep Tilburg’s past alive for future generations and help traditional craftsmen and modern-day researchers create a living industrial heritage site. The foundation’s ambition is to be a service-driven and socially involved umbrella organisation for its partners: education, local authorities, the business community, designers, researchers and visitors. The foundation is the result of a public-private partnership initiated in 2006 by Tilburg City Council. The foundation has a supervisory board that, under its articles of association, has six members. The articles of association and regulations, and their implementation comply with the code van de Cultural Governance, the ‘hallmark of quality’ for work practices in the cultural sector. For more information, go to the Mommerskwartier Foundation’s website.



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This organisation chart depicts the organisational structure of the TextielMuseum.

Overarching: supervisory board, below which comes the director and Works Council, directly under the director is the stand-alone Controlling department and the Marketing & Communications, Programme Management and Development departments. Then there are three business areas also under the director, each with their own sub-departments. (1) TextielMuseum, with the Registration and Conservation, Education, Guest Team, Library, Hospitality & Rental spaces departments. (2) TextielLab, with the Product Development, Demonstration and TextielShop departments. (3) Operations, with the Finance, HRM, Facilities, Secretariat and ICT departments.