Workshop Fixing Fashion

Bring your damaged or old clothes and give them a new life

How do make our clothes last longer? How can we repair and reuse them? Students actively repair their own garments and learn 3 different mending techniques: Sashiko, edge mend and darning. It is possible to bring your own worn-out T-shirt or blouse.

Practical info


The costs are stated per program. These costs relate to guidance by a tour guide/workshop supervisor. Workshops have to be prepared and cleaned up again, which is why an extra hour will be charged per half-day. Material costs are also charged for workshops.

In addition, the entrance fee of €3 per student and €1 material costs per participant apply. Supervisors have free entrance.

Group size

There is a maximum group size of 15 students per tour or workshop. For groups larger than 75 students, a coordinator is deployed from the museum at € 60 per hour.

To register

  • For an application, use the application form. An application for a museum visit can be submitted up to two weeks before the visit date.
  • When booking several classes at the same time or with an extensive program, we recommend making an application at an earlier stage due to the limited space.
  • All guided tours and workshops are given in Dutch. English-language workshops and guided tours are possible in consultation.