Future fashion

Design the fashion of the future

What kind of clothes will we wear in 100 years? What does the future of textiles look like? The children discover the wonderful world of textiles by working together on the sustainable fashion of the future.

Discover the fashion of the future

To many people, it is important what clothes they wear. Nowadays it has become normal to buy a lot of new clothes and to change outfits regularly because something is out of fashion or because it no longer fits. Some people may have a new wardrobe every year. But is it good for the world/environment to buy so many clothes? Can it be done differently?

In this educational program, the children will discover it for themselves, by getting to work as fashion designers of the future. The focus is on imagination, design, collaboration and exchanging ideas about the future. What will the world look like in 100 years and what kind of clothes will we need? The children will work in groups to make the garment of the future.

Museumtour & workshop

This educational program consists of a museum tour and a workshop. During the museum tour, the children explore the museum in groups. They discover the museum in an interactive way by means of assignment cards.

This museum tour connects to the experiences of the children and makes them think about textiles. The workshop takes place in the textile studios of the museum and is supervised by a museum teacher.

Practical information


The costs for this program are € 120,-  per class.  Admission is free for all primary school children, teachers and accompanying parents.


To book a school excursion, fill in the booking request form. Museum excursions must be booked at least two weeks in advance. If you wish to book several classes at the same time, please make the necessary arrangements earlier because of the limited amount of space.

Terms and conditions for school excursions

To guarantee a nice visit for all the children, several accompanying adults are required. For this program the museum expects 4 adults to accompany the school excursion. Admission is free for all accompanying adults.