Symposium : Tracing migration through textiles

13 February 2019

In conjunction with the exhibition Cultural Threads, which is on view at the TextielMuseum until May, 12 2019, Touch/Trace curator Christel Vesters curated the symposium Tracing Migration Through Textiles, which will take place on Thursday March 7 2019. In a dynamic programme with artist talks, screenings, lectures and discussion, we will explore how textile is both a carrier of and a witness to the movement of people, patterns, materials and techniques, and how artists use

textile as a medium to unravell these complex (his)stories of migration.

With contributions by Jessica Hemmings, Wendelien van Oldenborgh, Jennifer Tee, Liza Swaving o.a.


07 March 2019


Ticket symposium (museum entrance not included)

€ 8,00

€ 5,50 (students, 65+, ICOM, Museumkaart)

Ticketsale: sold out!

Touch/Trace: Researching Histories Through Textiles is a research platform curated by Christel Vesters. Bringing together artists, textile designers, textile makers, writers and thinkers, Touch/Trace unravels the intricate connections between textile, history and society from a contemporary art perspective. It explores how textile bears witness to and transmit information about the time and place it was made in, simultaneously opening up new perspectives onto those histories and onto our world today.

Moderator: Christel Vesters