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In the Design Studio of TextielMuseum you can be a designer for a day. Here you can create your very own personalized socks. We've worked together with Dutch product designer Bertjan Pot. Choose a knitting pattern, combine different colours of yarn and top it off with your very own text. Create your design in the studio, go and see our state-of-the-art knitting machine and receive your socks later delivered to your home.


How it works

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    Book a time slot here.


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    Visit TextielMuseum and work on yout own design with the digital design toolkit.

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    Visit the TextielLab to see how the high-tech knitting machine works.


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    Your socks are made on this machine after your visit. You will get them delivered at home within 3 weeks.


Get inspired


We asked a well-known designer to create a toolkit you can use for your designs. For our very first edition, that’s designer Bertjan Pot. He’d like to invite you to get creative with the principle of color in fabric.


Book a time slot

Go ahead and book a slot to design your own unique socks. The Design Studio is open every weekend on Saturday and Sunday from 13:00 to 17:00. You can find adjusted opening hours on holidays here.


Create your socks



What’s the Design Studio and how does it work?

In the Design Studio of TextielMuseum you can take on the role of designer. We always collaborate with a new designer. For the very first edition that designer is Bertjan Pot. Together with TextielMuseum he developed a digital application that enables you to design your own socks within the central theme "colour". With the Design Studio, TextielMuseum offers you a chance to work in the TextielLab. That’s our fully equipped development center where renowned artists and designers create innovative textiles. This allows you to peek inside the design and manufacturing process of fabric you wear every day. The Design Studio focuses on the future of fashion: fashion on demand, production without residual waste and the use of sustainable yarns. In short: no overproduction and very sustainable.

How does the Design Studio work?

  1. Book a time slot. Online or in TextielMuseum. Availability is limited, so book online to ensure your spot
  2. Come to the Design Studio in TextielMuseum fifteen minutes in advance
  3. Get inspired by the story of Bertjan Pot and the socks in the entree hall of the Design Studio
  4. Get started on the screen in the workspace. You got half an hour to design your socks
  5. Watch the knitting machine work
  6. You will receive your socks at home within 3 weeks

Can I reserve a time slot for the Design Studio in TextielMuseum?

Yes, there is a ticket machine next to the Design Studio. However, please note that tickets are not available if the Design Studio is fully booked. If you want to be sure you’ve got a spot, buy a ticket on the website before your visit.

Is entrance to TextielMuseum included in the ticket price?

No, during the booking process you will be asked to buy an entrance ticket besides your Design Studio ticket.

What if I'm late, can I still design my socks?

Unfortunately not. If you’re late, your ticket will expire. It’s very busy in the Design Studio, so we’re on a tight schedule. Please make sure to arrive 15 minutes before your time slot.

From what age can I participate in the Design Studio?

There is no age limit for the Design Studio, but the activity is aimed at adults. You can make socks from shoe size 36.

How did the price for the socks come about?

The Design Studio has no profit motive. The prices are based on the actual costs for machine use, labor and the sustainable raw materials we use. The Design Studio is made possible thanks to BankGiro Loterij and Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie. The MBO curriculum is made possible with support of Fonds 21.

Can you design multiple socks at once?

No, your ticket to the Design Studio is valid for just one pair of socks. But you can buy a new ticket if you’d like to design another item.

Where can I find the terms and conditions/privacy statement?

Read the general terms and conditions for the TextielMuseum and the Design Studio here

What happens to the personal information I fill out on the website?

The address details are only used for the shipment of your socks by PostNL. As soon as your product is ready, we will send it via PostNL to the specified address, which can take about 2 - 3 weeks. We only use your telephone number in case of emergency: for example, if your appointment has to be rescheduled or if there are any ambiguities during production. The data is only saved for these purposes and then deleted.

How long will it take me to make my socks?

You start in the inspiration room to, you guessed it, get inspired. Here you explore the world of Bertjan Pot. Then you get started with a set of design principles. You are designing for a maximum of half an hour. When your design is finished, you go to the knitting machine to see how our socks are made. The production of your socks will take place at a later date and they will be sent to your home within 3 weeks.

What happens when I finish designing my socks?

When you are done with your design, you go to the knitting machine to see how our socks are made. The production of your socks will take place at a later date and they will be sent to your home within 3 weeks.

What if I'm not happy with my socks?

Because the Design Studio makes unique, personal products, it is not possible to exchange your socks. Of course, we hope that you are happy with your socks!

Which sizes can I choose?

The socks are available in the following sizes: S (35 – 37), M (38 – 42) and L (43 – 46). You will find examples of this in the Design Studio.

Are there different types of socks?

Yes, you have the choice of a low or medium-length sock. In the Design Studio, you can see exactly what these models look like.

Can you have multiple socks made?

No, your ticket for the Design Studio is valid for one pair of socks. If you want to design another product, you can buy a new ticket.

How much does it cost to design my own socks?

Your own pair of socks costs €27.50. The Design Studio is not for profit. This price is therefore based on the actual costs for machine consumption, labour, sustainable raw materials and shipping. The Design Studio has been made possible in part by the BankGiro Lottery, the Creative Industries Fund NL, the City of Tilburg and the Province of North Brabant. The education program for MBO education has been made possible with the support of Fonds 21.

What material are the socks made of?

The socks are made of organic cotton, nylon and elastane.

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