Textile workshop @ home: make your own lampshade with yarn

Time to brighten up your home! During this Textile Workshop @ home, we will show you how you can make a lampshade from yarn. Give it your own twist, by determining the colours and pattern of the lampshade yourself.


  • 2 lampshade frames (with one identical side)
  • Tape
  • (Embroidery) thread
  • Scissors
  • Iron/lamp cord, fitting and LED lamp
  • Pliers/saw for iron


Making process

Step 1: Take one of the lampshades and cut or saw the ring in the middle from the lampshade. You will only need the fitting ring on one side of the lampshade (the top). You can sand or file any sharp edges.

Step 2: Tape the two lampshade frames together from the wide side in several places so that they are well connected.⁠

Step 3: Now you can start wrapping the yarn around the frames. Choose a colour of yarn and tie the end of the thread with a double knot to the middle of the lampshade frame (the two parts you just taped together). Then wrap the yarn around the top of the frame back and forth to the center and repeat until your thread runs out or you want to add a new colour of yarn. Tie the end of the thread around the middle of the lampshade with a simple double knot. If you have a ‘tail’ left, you can hide it between the wrapped yarn. Repeat this process with different colours, until you have completely wrapped around the top half of the lampshade frame. If you come across a piece of tape along the way, you can remove it from the frame, the yarn now holds the frames together!⁠

Step 4: Now that the top half of your lampshade is ready, you can continue with the bottom half. Tie a new thread in the middle of the lampshade frame (where the two frames are connected), anywhere between two threads of the other half. Now continue with wrapping as you did with the first half of the lampshade, only wrap the new wires in between the wires of the top half. Always wrap the yarn around the bottom of the lampshade frame and back to the middle, and place your new thread between a thread from the top of the lampshade, so that the colours in the center of the lampshade are shown alternately. Work around the entire lampshade until it's covered with yarn everywhere.

Step 5: Now it’s time to assemble the lamp socket and the iron/lamp cord. Consult the instructions of your supplier. Use a LED lamp as a light source, this does not get warm and ensures that your lampshade remains beautiful.

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Workshop: inspired by the BONBON lamp from Ana Kraš  x HAY

Photos: @verabertens