Knowledge center for textiles

And suddenly, you walk into a busy workshop… The TextielLab is an extension of the museum. It is the place where professionals translate the museum’s narrative into fabrics. And you are not only standing right there looking around in amazement, you are actually taking part in the manufacturing process. 

Art and creation

TextielLab lives up to expectations

The TextielLab offers a unique glimpse at textile manufacturing techniques both old and new. Here you can watch professionals at work.

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There is nowhere else where you can be as close to the cutting edge of art and creation. The personal contact with professionals will make your visit to the museum even more exceptional. Every creation is in itself a work of art and you can watch how everything is made. 

Because it is not at all unusual for top designers to use the TextielLab, you might – without even knowing it – witness the computer-controlled production of garments for a royal occasion or the showpiece for a prestigious building during your visit. 

Exclusive label

by TextielMuseum

Designed by top designers

The comprehensive collection of the TextielMuseum and the technical expertise of the TextielLab are powerfully combined in ‘by TextielMuseum’ – an exclusive label with an appealing assortment of household fabrics created by top designers and masterly woven in the TextielLab.

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Boundless possibilities


The TextielLab distinguishes itself as a one-of-a-kind knowledge centre for textile development where professionals are explicitly involved in carrying out extraordinary, customised projects. The TextielLab focuses on manual and industrial techniques: weaving, knitting, embroidery, tufting, passementerie and laser cutting. 

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