The TextielLab still makes passementerie using traditional methods. We use machines dating from the end of the 19th century that operate automatically or manually.


Passementerie is an umbrella term used to describe a range of decorative textile trimmings such as bands, tassels, fringes and cords, made using a variety of techniques. Bands and fringes are manually or mechanically woven and shaped on band-weaving looms. Cords are mechanically braided or manually twisted or wound.

Passementerie is mainly used to embellish fashionwear and soft furnishings.

Yarn collection

In the TextielLab, because we invest in research and the procurement of special types of yarn, we can guarantee that the world’s most extensive yarn collection will be available to you. We work with sustainably produced yarn from European suppliers as much as possible. And we research specific applications for different types of yarn in textile products.

Working in the TextielLab

Do you want to use a passementerie technique in the TextielLab? First, you have to submit a request, which we will assess for motivation, innovative merit and level of artistry. In this respect, the TextielLab focuses on outfitting, art and fashion projects. If there is a match, an intake will take place to see whether your proposal is feasible.

After the intake, we will send you a work proposal and an offer. As soon as we receive confirmation of our offer, we will schedule the work your project involves. In order to achieve optimal end results, you should be present in the TextielLab as much as possible during the development phase.

How to submit a design

  • Please supply specifications of the yarn with which you want to work; the TextielLab has an extensive yarn collection. In consultation, you can bring your own passementerie materials.
  • Please also supply relevant sketches, sample materials/colours/structures.
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