The TextielLab has a number of computer-controlled SWF embroidery machines that are used for adding decorative stitching to a wide variety of fabrics.

Please note: at the embroidery department, we work with an annual plan that is determined in advance. The programming for 2021 is already determined, which means we cannot accept any projects for this year. Do you want to develop a project in our embroidery department in 2022? Submit your application before 1 April 2022.

Embroidery is a technique that is used to embellish fabrics and textile product with decorative stitching in one or more colours. Our product developers can convert your digital designs into an embroidery pattern file. You can choose from a variety of stitching and yarn types. You can also work with relief embroidery and experiment with different materials that you bring with you to the TextielLab.

This type of embroidery is, for example, used in fashionwear, and interior design products and applications.

All fabrics exit the machine unfinished. Small series can be given a high-quality finish after mechanical processing. The TextielLab has its own assembly studio where experienced tailor cutters can trim and finish your product completely in accordance with your wishes.

Working in the TextielLab

Do you want to have embroidery work done in the TextielLab? First, you have to submit a request, which we will assess for motivation, innovative merit and level of artistry. In this respect, the TextielLab focuses on outfitting, art and fashion projects. If there is a match, an intake will take place to see whether your proposal is feasible. Do you want to have special materials embroidered? Let us know in your proposal.

After the intake, we will send you a work proposal and an offer. As soon as we receive confirmation of our offer, we will schedule the work your project involves. In order to achieve optimal end results, you should be present in the TextielLab as much as possible during the development phase.

How to submit a design

  • Designs should preferably be submitted in digital format as a JPEG, Photoshop or Illustrator file.
  • Please supply extra material of the same type that you want to use to allow for experimentation.

Technische Specificaties

The TextielLab works with computer-controlled SWF embroidery machines that each have a working surface measuring 50 x 34 cm and 15 needles. You can therefore work with 15 colours simultaneously. We work with ApS-Ethos development software.

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