The TextielMuseum is a unique place for HBO & WO students to discover and explore. Students find out everything about the history of textile manufacturing processes, which is not only fascinating and enlightening, but also raises awareness. The TextielLab makes the TextielMuseum truly unique. It is a modern workshop used by renowned designers (such as Viktor & Rolf), artists and students.



We have developed a range of interesting programmes for HBO and WO students. These programmes are not only instructive and inspiring for art, design and textile students, but also for students in overlapping fields such as, for example, history, interior architecture and technology.

Temporary Exhibitions Guided Tour

Every year, the TextielMuseum presents four exhibitions.

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Industrialisation Guided Tour

What used to happen in a textile factory? How was textile produced before the industrial revolution? Where does the term 'Kruikezeiker' (Jug Pisser) mean?

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TextielLab Guided Tour

The TextielLab is the ‘beating heart’ of the museum; a workshop that focuses on research and experimentation.

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Moulage Workshop

Moulage literally means ‘to shape’. In this case, it means shaping clothing on a body or mannequin.

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Guided tour ‘From Fibre to Fabric’

To understand weaving and knitting techniques properly, it is important learn the different stages of textile production processes.

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Programmes specially for academies and universities.

For academies and universities with a specialisation in art, design or textile, programmes lasting one or more days can be arranged on request. These programmes can, for example, include lessons in which students are taught to use a handloom, a flat-knitting machine, or mechanical or manual embroidery techniques. These programmes all focus on learning and mastering various textile production techniques and experimenting with different types of weave, knitting and embroidery stitching with contemporary and special yarns. To discuss the arrangements for these programmes, please contact us by mailing to

The TextielMuseum offers schools the possibility of creating their own programme. Our workshops and guided tours can easily be combined together.

General information

The costs are specified per programme. The costs cover guided tour supervision / workshop instruction. Workshops have to be prepared and cleared up afterwards, which is why an additional hour is charged per half day. The costs of materials used in workshops are also charged.

An admission fee of € 6.00 is also charged per student. Fontys Tilburg / Tilburg University students are entitled to a discount of 50% if they can show their student pass and pay an admission fee of € 3.00. Admission is free for students who have a museum pass.

Group size
The maximum group size for a guided tour or workshop is 15 students.


  • To book an excursion, fill in the booking request form. Museum excursions must be booked at least two weeks in advance.
  • When making a booking for 60 or more students and/or an extensive programme, we advise making all the necessary arrangements earlier because of the limited amount of space.
  • All guided tours and workshops are given in Dutch. Workshops and guided tours in English can also be organised on request.

Terms and conditions for school excursions
Read here the museum rules that apply to groups of schoolchildren and students.