Masterclass: Primitive plastic (sold-out)

In this masterclass, led by materials researchers and designers Jessica den Hartog and Michelle Baggerman, you will learn how to transform plastic waste into sustainable textiles. You will explore the aesthetic qualities of the material by experimenting with different hands-on techniques and approaches.

Jessica and Michelle found each other in their shared interest in transforming waste materials into valuable resources through design research. Together they are working on ‘Project Chrysalis’, in which plastic waste, such as packaging, is transformed into sustainable textile yarns.

Plastic waste is a well-known and growing problem, so it quickly creates a negative image. During this masterclass, you look at the material with a new perspective and you will discover how it can acquire beauty, quality and value again.

In the masterclass you will learn different approaches and techniques for experimentally processing plastic, for example by shredding it and then spinning it into yarn with a selfmade spinning spindle. You will create 3D textile objects and shape studies made from recycled plastic foils, yarns and the plastic waste material that you brought.

Goal of the masterclass

At the end of the day, you look at plastic waste with different eyes. You know the problems, but you also see new possibilities in the material based on sustainable design principles. You have new tools and techniques that you can continue to work with independently.

Practical information

  • This masterclass will be held in Dutch
  • At the moment, 8 participants can participate in this masterclass to guarantee 1,5 metres distance for everyone
  • No specific prior knowledge is required for this masterclass
  • Collect your own plastic bags and plastic material such as orange nets to use in this masterclass, the more colours the more fun