Yearbook 2015 bundles prestigious projects TextielLab

26 April, 2016

The TextielMuseum has over a century of textile heritage, which creates, together with the specialists and the technology of the TextielLab, an ongoing, creative dialogue between the traditional craftsmen and the vision of the pioneers. A part of the prestigious projects made in the TextielLab last year are bundled in the Yearbook 2015. On base of a large selection of photo’s from design to final product the total proces is shown. The Yearbook is a reference book for the designlover, a source of inspiration for the professional and a portfolio with the possibilities of the TextielLab of the TextielMuseum in Tilburg. 

But we don't just have the mindset; we also have the means. As a museum and full-service atelier we are in a unique position, with the relevant knowledge, people and technology under one roof. Our combined expertise and facilities, plus an extensive network of potential partners allow us to serve as a bridge between talent, technology and industry. This bridge lays the foundation for 'co-creation' – a multidisciplinary exchange of skills and experience that provides fertile ground for pioneering textiles.

Knowledge is a tremendous resource. For it to retain its value, it must be nurtured, documented and shared. This is not only our daily business; it's our greatest passion. With over a century of textile heritage in the TextielMuseum, coupled with the TextielLab's specialist staff and technology, here, traditional craftsmanship and pioneering visions are interwoven in a constant creative dialogue. By opening these unique facilities to the outside world, and connecting industry, talent and expertise together as partners, we provide the ideal climate for innovation. Our loyal supporters play an important role in making this possible and we are grateful to them for recognising the value of what we do.

Fabric developed at the TextielLab is popping up in high-profile projects across the globe, from the Persian Gulf to the Parisian catwalk. A strong commitment to quality and a willingness to invest in bold concepts continue to bring top names in art, architecture, fashion and design to our atelier. Monumental contemporary tapestries, opulent jacquards, clever circular knits or delicate museum pieces; all arrive here as ideas that then take on a physical form through yarns, dyes, patterns and bindings. It's a process that challenges and inspires us to seek new solutions, explore untried terrain and go that little bit further, every step of the way.

There is no shortage of new textile talent. What is often lacking are the time and facilities to cultivate that talent. In this sense, the TextielLab is an important gateway to specialist skills and technology that are otherwise hard to access. Here, students and graduates from leading academies across Europe and beyond can boost their creative capacity with the technical knowhow to help them realise their full potential. They get the chance to explore new techniques and materials while gaining hands-on experience alongside masters in their craft. From the latest weaving software to age-old twining techniques, the skills they learn here serve them throughout their careers.

Daring to ask bold questions, envisage alternate scenarios and explore the technically impossible − this is what true innovation is all about. And, it's why the TextielLab is committed to research and development. Without investing time and resources in long-term goals − letting go of immediate returns − there can be no new techniques, materials and solutions. Through R&D we can actively contribute to the future of textiles in its many applications, from industry to art. That is our mission.

The Yearbook 2015 is for sale in the TextielShop of the museum.

Yearbook TextielLab 2015 – ISBN 978-90-70962-59-3 – with the works of:

Inside Outside, Stéphane Blanquet, MOAM, Rafaël Rozendaal, Studio Rik ten Velden, Hella Jongerius, Studio Truly Truly, Simone Post, Heringa/Van Kalsbeek, Alexandra Gaca voor Iris van Herpen, Conny Groenewegen and buroBELÉN

Language: English – Editor: Annemarie Hoeve, Willemijn de Jonge (insert), Hebe Verstappenl – Ontwerp: Raw Color –  Image coordinators: Laure Sauer, Josefina Eikenaar, Hebe Verstappen – Printing: Gianotten Printed Media. Binding: Boekbinderij van Mierlo – binding in the TextielLab