Walk with us in the Wool March

7 September, 2023

On the 8th of October, the second edition of the Wool March will take place. That Sunday, at the beginning of the afternoon, a large flock of sheep and their shepherds will be ready for a march through the centre of Tilburg and everyone is welcome to join this woolly walk.

Image: Joney Habraken

The Wool March is an initiative by designer and wool researcher Cynthia Hathaway and shepherd Bart van Ekkendonk meant to draw attention to the revaluation of wool. Wool used to be referred to as the ‘golden fleece’, but it hardly has any value today. Shearing sheep even costs more than what the wool yields, so the fleece is now seen as a waste product. In addition, the organisers want to bring the city and the countryside closer together again.

Photo: Joney Habraken

To reinforce the message of the march, twenty activist sheep from the flock wear specially designed and embroidered banners made from their own wool and felted by many hands. Moving on legs, wool thus shows itself again as an important natural material.

Will you walk with us?

Sunday afternoon 8 October at 12 p.m., The Wool March will start from the TextielMuseum premises. The march will be about 4 kilometres long, but as the sheep have not yet chosen their route, more information will follow later. Would you like to join us? Then sign up for free by sending an email to [email protected] and mention how many people you are coming with in your message. Please note: It is not allowed to bring your dog to the walk, as this may disturb the shepherd dogs and sheep.

Please note! From 25 September to 17 November, there will be road work around our museum, check here how to reach us.

Photo: Marly Gommans

The Wool March is made possible by:

  • Gemeente Tilburg
  • Erfgoed Tilburg
  • Stichting DOEN
  • De Lachende Ooi uit Loon op Zand
  • Het TextielMuseum Tilburg