VIDEO | How cultural funds contribute to the TextielLab

11 April, 2018

Creative Industries Fund NL selected the TextielLab of the TextielMuseum to show how cultural grants can contribute to a better and more sustainable world. We are one of the 441 projects of designers and programmes of 79 cultural organisations and festivals that receive grants by the Fund. Amongst the TextielLab the fund also selected projects by artist Jalila Essaïdi, fashion designer Barbara Langendijk and jewelry designer Noon Passama.

Director Errol van de Werdt explains in the video why the Creative Industries Fund NL grants are so important for us. In 2017 TextielMuseum | TextielLab received grants of Creative Industries Fund NL for our activity plan 2017. This plan is a respons to international trends such as personification, sustainability, local production and new ways of using natural resources. The grants are used for the development and renewal of the TextielLab and a talent development programme for young students and graduates to work in the Lab.