Tufting – ‘Treetrunk’

25 June, 2015

'Treetrunk", a hand-made tufted carpet of 400 by 450 centimeters, designed by Lizan Freijsen and carried out by Hester Onijs, tufting expert at the Textile Lab. 
From 2008 Lizan Freijsen regularly shows work inspired by lichens and fungi, carried out by the Textile Lab. In 2012 the Textile Museum bought a series of her carpets. 

From end 2014 the Tufting area of the Textile Lab worked very hard on the monumental carpet. It involves a moss green carpet, with various pool heights, which changes from colour around: from light ochre, to bright green, to red- and dark brown, just like to changing of the seasons in a forest.

It's a unique palet of diversity in wool colours, which is painted in the dyehouse of the Textile Lab with a base of natural dyes.

The carpet consists of two arches around a middle part, from which the outside edge is realised through hand-tufting. The inside is made by tufting-machines in China by the company Tai Ping Paris. Both parts are put together on location. Realising this carpet took five months and is followed closely by lots of visitors.