Knowledge transfer of old textile techniques

5 January, 2018

At the TextielLab education and training are core values. This applies to new developments, but also to old textile techniques. We aim to preserve the know-how and transfer the expertise to the next generation. 

Therefore, the TextielLab finds it very important to reserve time for knowledge transfer. Jan Esman, former curator and head Textile techniques at the TextielMuseum, knows all ins and outs of techniques and machinery. Since two years, he has been teaching Karen Zeedijk to work with the several techniques and machines. Karen Zeedijk is tufting expert at the TextielLab. 

Photo: Karen making tassels in a hand-woven fringe-piping

Passementerie is one of the techniques that is being taught. It is the collective name for a range of decorative textile trimmings such as bands, tassels, fringes and cords, made using various techniques.The current product developer passementerie also passes her knowledge on to Karen. At the department, different machines, dating from the end of the 19th century, are in use, that work both manually and  mechanically. In order to be able to keep using the machinery and applying the old techniques to contemporary designs, this program is of great importance for the TextielLab.

Photo: Karen Zeedijk and Jan Esman working at the passementerie department


Photo: Karen Zeedijk making tassels