Textile artwork for the renewed museum Grimmwelt in Kassel (Germany)

11 September, 2015

Ursula Wagner, former European Textile Trainee, designed, commissioned by TheGreenEyl and in cooperation with the Textile Lab a huge textile artwork for the renewed museum Grimmwelt in Kassel, Germany. 

On the 4th of September Grimmwelt was opened, this is where the story of worldfamous brothers Grimm came to live. Grimmwelt is a cultural platform of a European level, because of the large interactive proposition. The new building of Grimmwelt is certainly no classical museum. The modern new building is a modern-day translation of the fairytails of the brothers Grimm. 30 architects got the assignment to design this new museum. 

Designagency TheGreenEyl from Berlin was asked to design a large textile object for the permanent exhibition is this new museum. It's a large curtain from 4 meters high and 25 meters long, which goes wavy through the space. Theme of the installation is the work of the brothers Grimm: the first German dictionairy. 

Ursula Wagner describes the installation: 

“Our installation materializes the idea, that language is constantly changing. Therefore, we created a dynamic textures with a variety of perspectives of legibility. The text on the curtain is a chain of words, from WORT to ARBEIT. It goes through 46 headwords that can be found in the German dictionary, linked by formulas that the Grimms invented to explain words with other words.

The headwords are woven in silver. They shift from being visible to becoming invisible – depending on the perspective of the viewer when walking along the fabric. Opposed to this, the formulas that are woven in copper are clearly legible from all angles.”