TextielMuseum wins international award The Best in Heritage!

29 September, 2018

A new prize will be added to the trophy cabinet of the TextielMuseum! Yesterday, the TextielMuseum won the 'The Best in Heritage – Project of Influence Award 2018' during the 'The Best in Heritage' congress in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Out of the 42 nominated projects, the TextielMuseum was chosen as the world's most innovative and influential concept in the field of heritage by an international committee.
Director Errol van de Werdt presented the unique museum concept, that inspires visitors, students and international designers to plunge in the endless possibilities of textile, with exhibitions, educational programs and a specialized workshop. Last year the museum in Tilburg won the BankGiro Lottery Museum Prize 2017. Winning this prize prompted the jury to nominate the TextielMuseum for The Best in Heritage 2018. Each year The Best in Heritage selects the best and most successful projects worldwide to present themselves during the international congress.
The TextielMuseum was chosen out ot 42 nominated projects from Europe, VS, China, New Zealand, South Korea, Australia and Canada. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Designmuseum Danmark and National Museum of Scotland were among the nominees. The projects are assessed on their quality and the way in which heritage is made accessible in an innovative way. In addition, the 'The Lost Palace' project in Whitehall Palace received the the IMAGINES Project of Influence Award.
The Best in Heritage
The Best in Heritage is initiative of European Heritage Association. Partners of this initiative are ICOM and Europa Nostra. This year the annual congress took place in Dubrovnik, Croatia from 26 to 29 September.
Textile Museum: on the way to a Makers museum
Behind the scenes we're currently working hard on a renewed museum concept. The first steps are taken to transform from a 'Working Museum'  to a Makersmuseum. In this concept, the TextielLab is even better integrated into the museum, creating an ideal learning and working environment for both the visitor and the professional.