TextielMuseum supports MOAM talent 2015

10 July, 2015

Innovation, craftmanship and sustainability are the main subjects for MOAM Collective. The TextileMuseum has participated in this project because of the responsibility to the education of textile talents: The museum supports young people and encourages them to experience textile craftmanship. Martijn Nekoui, the founder of MOAM, aproaches talent development on a new and more commercial way, which is an interesting learning route for the museum. Professionals use their knowledge and expertise in the TextileLab to develope the luxious fabrics from the MOAM collection.

The TextileMuseum is the new cultural textilehotspot, not only on a national, but also on an international level. The knowledge and expertise found in the lab, is a worldwide unicum. That's also the reason MOAM found the TextielMuseum. The collection of MOAM is a reflection of the signature of the TextileMuseum, combined with modern techniques. The possibilities are endless in the workshop of the museum: The TextileLab. The five talents of MOAM experimented with digital printing, passementry, weaving, knitting and lasering. The professionals from the TextileLab shared their knowlegde and expertise about innovative materials and techniques during the development process. The space and time the talents got in the lab, they used to make amazing fabrics, which are used in the collection of MOAM. The result of MOAM Collective is a collection of 24 looks for men and women presented on the 3th of July in the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. 

This isn't the first project of the TextileMuseum around talent development. Textile has build a strong position in the creative industry, it has a growing roll in the work of designers, artists and architects. The TextileMuseum is a working museum. It's a specialised center in the field of textile with it's own 'testing ground': the TextileLab. This is a specialised workshop for manufactering knitted textiles, woven textiles and other textiles and an open atelier which uses the latest technologies. The museum builds a bridge between cultural heritage and old craftmanship to innovation and preparation of textile craftmanship for the future. The TextileMuseum focusses on collecting, developing and expanding knowledge about textile. Lots of famous designer knew how to find the museum, f.e. Jan Taminiau, Viktor & Rolf, Walter van Beirendonck, Petra Blaisse, Jaime Hayon.

The five toptalents of MOAM:  Anbasja Blanken (HKU), Barbara Langendijk (Artez), Maartje Peeters (Amfi), Tijme Veldt (Rietveld) and Hanna Wouda (KABK). The team was supported by Frans Ankoné, Peter Leferink and Mariette Hoitink. In addition the team was coached by Viktor & Rolf, Mart Visser, Claes Iversen, Cecile Narinx, John de Greef, Georgette Koning, Marly Nijssen and Saskia Stockle. In the TextileLab they were supported by a team of experts. 

Credits final image: 
Photo: Carlijn Jacobs
Styling: Marten Spruyt & Frans Akone
Concept: Martijn Nekoui
Hair: Carlos Saidel
Make-up: Vanessa Chan
Models: Thula Neka en Bono
Special thanks: Hana Wouda, Barbara Langendijk, Max Models, Touche Models & House of Orange