TextielLab for professionals

Working with textile how it was always meant to be

Making textile products in an authentic workshop with the right materials, purpose-built machines, under the right conditions and with the support of a complete knowledge centre. 

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Boundless possibilities

For the professional

The TextielLab is an exceptional place to work not only because you can draw on the expertise of our product developers and curators, but also use the museum collection and library as a source of reference for setting up your project. As a professional, you literally pull the strings here because you can directly control every phase of the production process from development to design choices.

Differences become blurred

In the TextielLab, the differences between a workshop and knowledge centre become blurred. Professionals explore the limits of technology. Virtually no two processes are the same. When professionals from different backgrounds team up and work together, they come up with completely original ideas for production processes and the results are often astounding. 

Pushing boundaries

The TextielLab has an important position in modern European industry. We maintain contact with other workshops, designers, artists, machine builders, spinners, yarn suppliers, textile companies, educational institutions and software developers. Education and training are of paramount importance in the TextielLab. The TextielLab carries out a vast amount of research to cater to the needs of professionals, which makes it possible to obtain the most out of every development that takes place here. 

Are you a student?

And would you like to work in the TextielLab? Check the student info page first.

TextielLab for students

Industrial and manual


The TextielLab distinguishes itself as a one-of-a-kind knowledge centre for textile development where professionals are explicitly involved in carrying out extraordinary, customised projects. The TextielLab focuses on manual and industrial techniques: weaving, knitting, embroidery, tufting, passementerie and laser cutting. 

Made in TextielLab


Mere words cannot show you everything that goes on in the TextielLab in the way that photographs of a selection of our portfolio can. We would therefore like to invite you to cast your gaze on some of the stunning objects that have already been produced. 

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