2017 | Studio Job x by TextielMuseum

1 July 2017

15 years of collaboration between Studio Job and by TextielMuseum crowned with new collection

At the beginning of this year, TextielMuseum commissioned Studio Job (Job Smeets, 1970 en Nynke Tynagel, 1977) to develop a new series of design products for by TextielMuseum. These new ‘design classics’ are a reflection on the history of the design duo and the endless possibilities of the TextielMuseum. The series features new icons with recognisable colourful and daring designs by Studio Job. With its graphic drawings the studio reduces shape and colour to strong outlines that can be perfectly translated into textiles.

Studio Job by TextielMuseum is a surprising new collection of six throws and nine tea towels featuring the iconic Studio Job patterns: ‘Perished’, ‘Insects’ and ‘Folklore’.

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