Paris in one day

28 July, 2016

Paris in one day? Why not? Nowadays travelling to other countries in a short period of time seems to be normal business.

For me an especially my internship coach Judith Peskens it is very important to see the work she developed in the proposed surrounding.

This time we where planning to see Stephane Blanquets artwork being exhibited in Centre Pompidou Paris.

After a very long train drive we arrived at Gare du Nord and tried to make our way through this wonderful city to the exhibition. At Centre Pompidou we met the artists personal assistant Antoine Frémon and he let us enter through the employees entrance to avoid the huge cue at the front entrance.

He opened Blanquets space just for us, because it happened to be closed that day, explaining us every detail and function of the different artworks in the exhibition. Next to the amazing tapestries made by the TextileLab you could listen to music, play interesting looking instruments and draw your own “Blanquet artwork” on a computer by using kinds of stamp tools in a huge variation of colour and form.

The complexity of this exhibition just seemed to be as detailed as every single work of the artist himself since there was so much to discover.

Antoine explained us by making the exhibition more inter active they wanted to attract younger people and make them excited about art itself.

the exhibition in Centre Pompidou

the exhibition in Centre Pompidou

After this we where hushing through Paris like locals to meet Blanquet himself in a very old place for Lithography. Encroiable!

the place where the litho's are made

This was a place full of magic in the centre of “Montparnasse”. It was great to see Blanquet himself working in his familiar surrounding on new artwork. Furthermore this mind-blowing place begets old lithography machines and work from very old times.

beginning of a new work of Blanquet

Such a short trip but so big impressions. Paris is always a wonderful and inspiring city to see just as the artists living and working there.