Magic garden Studio KRJST in Maasmechelen Village

7 November, 2017

Planning a shopping trip to Maasmechelen Village soon? You can explore the magic garden of Studio KRJST until the end of December. The multi-sensory installation 'A New Wave of Extraordinary' in the outlet village in Belgium is their biggest textile installation till now.

The fabrics are woven in the TextielLab, together with our product developer Stef Miero. The fabrics move along with the wind and reflect the light. The design duo's work can be described as a blend of classical beauty and digital chaos. After a lot of experimentation, a lush design with a rich colour palette is created.

'A New Wave of Extraordinary' is a gathering of art, design, reality and fantasy. The design duo also has their own 'chapel' in the village, where you will be completely immersed in the world of KRJST Studio until November 12th. Visitors are invited to touch the fabrics and they can even pull a yarn from the installation as a souvenir.