Japan books

20 November, 2015

Contemporary art and design

Fiber futures : Japan's Textile Pioneers / Ed. by Melanie B. D. Klein. – New York : Japan Society [etc.], 2011.

The elements of design : rediscovering colours, textures, forms and shapes / Loan Oei and Cecile De Kegel. – London : Thames and Hudson, 2002.

Nuno Corporation (Tokyo) published a series of books in 1997 and 1998 with themes as: rags: cruel and unusual treatment of fabrics, transparancy, sounds made by fabrics that subconsciously capture much of our attention. Titles: Boro boro, Fuwa fuwa, Kira Kira, Shimi jimi, Suké suké, Zawa zawa.


How to wrap five more eggs : traditional Japanese packaging / By Hideyuki Oka. – New York [etc.] : Weatherhill, 1975.

Furoshiki : the art of Japanese Wrapping Fabric / Kanako Hamasaki. – [s.l.] : PIE International, 2011.

Traditional textiles

Japanese textiles in the Victoria and Albert Museum / Anna Jackson. – London : V&A Publications, 2000. Over 650 patterns of traditional Ikat (kasuri) / ed. by Kamon Yoshimoto. – [S.l. : s.n., s.a.].

Shibori : the inventive art of Japanese shaped resist dyeing : tradition, techniques, innovation / Yoshiko Wada, Mary Kellog Rice, Jane Barton. – Tokyo [etc.] : Kodansha International, 1983.

Traditional Japanese textiles : beyond the Tanabata Bridge / ed. by William Jay Rathbun. – London : Thames & Hudson, 1993.


Minä Perhonen – fashion & design / José Teunissen, Hanneke Oosterhof, Alain Debret. – Tilburg : Stichting Mommerskwartier, 2009.

Pattern magic / Tomoko Nakamichi. – London : Laurence King Publishing, 2010.

Japanese sample books from the Driessen collection

Leporello met Japanse zijden brocaatstalen. – [s.l.] : [s.n.], 1896. – Leporello Tekst in boek: Herr Felix Driessen, Zur freundl. Erinnerung an Seitaro Goto, April 1896, Cambridge U.S.A.

[stalenboek] Japanse streep- en ruitstoffen 'Shima'. – Shikoku (Japan) : Ekine Iyo, [s.a.] [stalenboek] 109 fragmenten van Japanse brocaatweefsels. – [s.l.] : [s.n.], [s.a.]. – Leporello
19th century


And for those of you who can't get enough of Japan, look at the Japan theme page by the Victoria & Albert Museum in London: http://www.vam.ac.uk/page/j/japan/ 

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