Tufting machine
When you start tufting, an electric, manual tufting machine is a good start. You can buy such a machine over the internet. For example, search for ‘electric rug tufting gun’ and compare the prices of different providers.
A tufting machine on air pressure is suitable for the advanced tufter. You need a compressor to create the necessary air pressure for the device. Hofmann Handtuft-Technik makes good and solid handtufting machines.

Tuft frame
You need a tufting frame to stretch the grid taut. You can make a sturdy frame yourself from wood. On this, you mount nail slats, over which you can stretch the grid. You can buy nail slats at tuftatelier Fabrikaat via [email protected].

The grid or canvas for tufting is also for sale at tuft studio Fabrikaat.