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The Friends of the TextielMuseum Foundation is registered with the Netherlands Tax and Customs Administration as an ANBI (public service organisation).

Friends of the TextielMuseum Foundation

Tax registration number (RSIN)

Contact information
Postbus 4265
5046 GN Tilburg
[email protected]

Board members
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Policy plan and objective
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Financial accountability
Annual report 20192018 – 2017 – 2016 – 2015 – 2014 –  2013
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Remuneration policy
(as set out in the articles of association)
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Your donation to support the future of the TextielMuseum
Following the introduction of the Donation Act, your donation to a cultural institution/ANBI (public service) organisations qualifies for an additional tax deduction. ANBI donors may deduct their donations from their income tax (private individuals) or corporate income tax (companies). In order to qualify for the deduction of periodic donations, you as a donor, the Friends of the TextielMuseum Foundation and the ANBI are required to record the respective amount in an agreement.

A model agreement can be downloaded from the website of the Tax and Customs Administration via the following links:

if you wish to donate money regularly for a minimum of five years

if your wish to donate money periodically by automatic transfer

The Friends of the TextielMuseum Foundation is grateful for your support.