Akwasi speaks out in new lyrics for TextielMuseum

7 November, 2018


Rapper Akwasi makes audio tour ‘Akwasi in your ear’ for the exhibition ‘Cultural Threads’

Listen, wonder and amaze … Find out everything about the personal favorites of storyteller and creative centipede Akwasi in the exhibition ‘Cultural Threads’. Under the title ‘Akwasi in your Ear’ he wrote a number of intriguing texts, in which he encouraged critical reflection on colonialism, racism and identity in Dutch society. He uses storytelling to give his vision on a selection of four artworks. Storytelling is a powerful form of knowledge transfer that occurs in all cultures. Poetry, emotion, political statements and a variety of cultural references come together in his texts.

The audiotour is only available in Dutch.

We live in a world where boundaries between countries and people are becoming increasingly blurred, power relations are shifting radically and cultures are mixing. The exhibition Cultural Threads presents exceptional pieces by contemporary artists who use textiles as a powerful tool to address a range of socio-political issues. They link textiles to their own search for identity and belonging in a globalising world. Or they use them to unravel histories and outline new future perspectives. Cultural Threads will be on display in the TextielMuseum from 24 November 2018 to 12 May 2019. Featuring work by Eylem Aladogan, Célio Braga, Hana Miletić, Otobong Nkanga, Mary Sibande, Fiona Tan, Jennifer Tee, Aiko Tezuka and Vincent Vulsma.