Revealing hidden colours of nature – Summer in Tilburg

During this masterclass Lucila Kenny invites you to re-discover an intimate and empowered relationship with plants through a series of investigations. This is an introduction to the process of deriving colours from plants that are growing around us and how we relate to them by exploring their dye-pigment qualities.

We will be using non-toxic plant mordants, locally foraged plants and food waste. During the two masterclass days, we will create a broad catalogue of shades and share all the recipes that bring these colours to life.

Plant dyeing

Dyeing with natural materials requires an endless amount of time and patience. It takes time to collect, grind, soak, pre-cook, dye and dry. But it is only when you take the time that you will discover the hidden colours of nature. The process also gives you other valuable insights: the impact of slowing down, how you deal with expectations and if you can be open to what unfolds naturally.

Plant dyeing is chemistry. This already starts when you harvest the plant. The month of harvest, as well as the location of the plant and trees, impacts the colouring. The temperature of the dye bath and pH values of the water also play a role. Even the use of a copper or aluminium pan can affect the colouring.

About Lucila Kenny

Lucila Kenny is an Argentinean textile designer who runs a research-focused Natural Dyeing Studio in Amsterdam that is concentrated on learning, sharing and exchanging information about the diversity of local plant species and their available colourants.

This masterclass is part of Lucila Kenny’s ongoing research on ancient practices that use natural dye plants and the exploration of a bigger range of native materials and seasonal waste to learn its properties and possibilities. Every material used to produce these colours is provided by the earth and respects the land and the traditions that inspire them.

Practical information

  • The language of this masterclass is English
  • This is a two-day masterclass
  • No background knowledge on dyeing textiles with plants is needed to attend this masterclass