Mixture of colours

During this masterclass, studio RENS invites you to develop your own colour palette through experiments and research. Colour is relevant in any design. The colours in textiles are rarely monotonous but are a composition of yarns that together form a new colour. The chosen production technique is also an important part of how you experience colour in textiles. Studio RENS challenges you to start your own research in which you will create new colours through experiments.

The aim of the masterclass

The goal is to look for the many possibilities of colour. During the two-day masterclass, each participant will make their own colour research. You do this by means of 3D experiments and experiments with yarns. You will learn how to use yarns in different ways. Each test can be a work of art in itself. In the end, the unique works are discussed together and everyone takes their own work with them. This masterclass has no fixed outcome, each participant works on a personal investigation. This will produce varying results; from an inspiring experiment that you can continue independently later on to a standalone work of art.

About Studio RENS

Studio RENS is formed by Renee Mennen and Stefanie van Keijsteren. The duo’s designs are based on research, in which colour often plays a central role. In addition to their own collections and interior products, they work closely with various labels and companies, mainly engaged in material research, product innovation and art direction.

Practical information

  • The masterclass is open to everyone, no prior knowledge is required.
  • The language of the masterclass is either Dutch or English according to your own preference.