Digital tour

Are you looking for a fun group outing with family, friends or an association? Experience the TextielMuseum virtually with our digital tours for groups. Our tour guides take your group to our museum in an interactive way with an individual video link per participant. Choose a tour from different themes and decide for yourself what you want to know more about.

Themed tours

Decide the theme of your tour:

1. Tour TextielLab

The TextielLab is a unique place where you look over the shoulders of (inter)national artists and designers, who, together with our experts, investigate the endless possibilities of textiles. They show you how they combine traditional and modern textile techniques to achieve innovative applications in art, fashion, interior, architecture or product design.

2. Rondleiding Industrialisatie

What was it like in a textile factory in the past? How were textiles made then? Where does the name ‘Kruikenzeiker’ come from? On this tour, you’ll get answers to all these questions, and more. You pay a virtual visit to the Woolen Blanket Factory with the steam engine and the Damascus weaving mill. We will also tell you more about the building that originally served as a textile factory.

3. Rondleiding huidige tentoonstellingen

There are always two different exhibitions on display in the TextielMuseum. In this guided tour you take a look at the current main exhibition in which textile art, design or fashion is presented within a current theme. We show you the making process of various objects and we establish a link with the TextielLab. Afterwards, you will be guided through the current collection exhibition, in this exhibition, various collection items from the museum are bundled within a subject. View here which exhibitions are currently on display.

Practical information

  • The digital tour lasts 60 minutes.
  • The digital tour is hosted by the group via a communication portal of your choice (Teams or Zoom). The group’s contact person creates a temporary guest account for the TextielMuseum or shares a link for the meeting.
  • During the tour, a person within the group is the moderator. He or she is the link between the participants and the tour guide.
  • The tour guide provides an interactive tour and the participants can ask questions to the tour guide. The moderator is in charge of this.
  • The tour may not be recorded.
  • In order to match the interests and knowledge of the participants, it is important to provide sufficient information about the group when booking.

Costs & group size

  • €160,- independent of group size


For more information and bookings, please contact the bookings department of the TextielMuseum via [email protected] or +31 (013)-5494564.