Boundary Boss: Consent and boundary workshop

Connect with your body and embrace intimacy. Experience how it feels to have consent and how it feels to be at the boundary of consent. This workshop is given by artist melanie bonajo (they/them) and pawel chill dudus (they/them). 

Piles of Oxytocin Shape Dreams Under Skin by melanie bonajo and Théo Demans, photo: Josefina Eikenaar

melanie bonajo developed the installation Piles of Oxytocin Shape Dreams under Skin in collaboration with Théo Demans in the TextielLab. The installation is on show at the TextielMuseum in the exhibition Textile now – every thread a story. From their practice as artists and sexological body coaches, melanie bonajo and pawel chill dudus (both member of the skinship collective) invite you to become part of this experience, which will happen in a safe setting.

skinship is a queer/trans/non-binary/genderfluids/agenders/ genderexpansive collective. They research the body as a vehicle for connection and safety, cultivating touch, pleasure, sexuality, playfulness, consent, boundaries and friendship as a form of activism. Together with the other participants, you will explore the relationship you have with your own body and that of others. This workshop on physicality and intimacy is held at a time when we are surrounded by technology and losing connection with our own bodies. The Boundary Boss: Consent and boundary workshop is free of charge and is suitable for all kinds of bodies and genders. Registration is required.

Practical information:

  • Location: Textielmuseum
  • Costs: To visit the museum you will need an entrance ticket, the workshop is free
  • Language: Dutch and English
  • Other: Please bring your own yoga mat (or blanket) and towel and come in easy-fitting clothes.